Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A tryst with an Image on a Cloud.

The beautiful bright nine clouds that Summer Saturday morning.
Bright at once, spawning dreams, kindling desires, igniting passion.
That the Ninth Cloud would bring forth a wonderful Image, was beyond imagination.

What a bright day it was, the brilliance would be everlasting and precious.
The scale of the Celestial Conspiracy would even seem a tad bit fictitious.

Waking up every morning, to the sweet reality of a new life, feeling fresh, rejuvenated;
Despite elusive sleep; For of the precious new find - the Image, I am unstoppably fascinated.

And so the Ninth Cloud, the most benevolent of all, has extended an invitation.
Setting foot on the ground is no longer an option when you're experiencing levitation!

--Serendipitous Seizonsha

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